Hello 2012

Oooh. I can smell it in the air. Tis the season for a new diary for next year.

This year, I have gone all 80s retro with a filofax. It’s worked well and I am inclined to stick to it. However…

Between 2006 and 2008, I used Moleskine’s weekly notebook.

No complaints. It was easy to keep track of my childrens’ activities  and my work schedule at the same time. The ruled page on the right proved tremendously useful for taking notes and scribbling down plans.

I tell you the one thing that is wonderful with a notebook. I can keep them. Not sure why I do this, but I like to store all of my notebooks in a box. With the filofax refill, I would just bin the old pages. There just isn’t the same satisfaction in storing the loose leafs, even if I bound them with a treasury tag or something fancier.

When I go through an old diary – which is not very often – looking at a particular page transports be back. I can recall the week’s events clearly. Ok, maybe not a five year old diary. But definitely from a year ago.

So for 2012, I think I’m going back to a diary. How can one resist Moleskine’s expanded range?

There’s the Action Diary, where the whole week is laid out vertically across two pages in a column format with an additional column provided for to do items and reminders.

There’s the Taskmaster Diary, where the whole week is laid out vertically across two pages in a column format. After every week there is an extra two pages for note taking.

But let’s not be boring and head immediately for a Moleskine. Here are some other options that I will be sleeping on.

Whitelines Diary

Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner

Or will I need a Family Diary?


4 thoughts on “Hello 2012

  1. If it’s a family diary you are looking for then the 2012 Dodo Pad diary – Britain’s original and best loved family diary is hard to beat. Plenty of space for notes and doodles, a fresh witticism or light hearted joke and/or cartoon on every page. They make lovely Christmas gifts and you can wrpa them up in our of our gorgeous leather slipcovers if you are feeling really generous! http://www.dodopad.com/shop/calendar-year-diaries-calendars/dodo-pad for more details. Toodlepip!

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