Lullabye Baby… Not

The last three weeks have been challenging. My 2 year old will not go to sleep at her usual bedtime. To make matters worse, she just learned how to climb out of her cot on her own.

She is a curious child and, like all 2 year olds, wants to have fun. Tucked up in her bed, she can hear me and my 7 year old chatting, and she wants a piece of the action.

And so begins our new night-time ritual. It goes a little like this: she hurls herself out of the cot, sneaks into the living room, I pick her up, puts her back in her cot, she cries, gets herself out again… and it goes on. Until she is so exhausted that she cannot be bothered to climb out of her cot for the zillionth time. This frustrating dance can last anything from 30 minutes to one hour.

Some days easier to manage than others. Is this part of the terrible twos? If it’s a phase, how long is it going to last?

If anyone has tips on how to put a tired-toddler-who-refuses-to-sleep to bed, please do share.


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