Do You Still Have Time To Read?

I read a lot as a child. On the school bus, during dinner and on any kind of car trips. Weekly library trips were a treat, and I would dream of all the new adventures I would soon discover and read about.

As a single 20-something, I continued to devour all kinds of books. Then husband and family came along, and without my noticing, the reading all but stopped. I think I read one book in the first year when my son was born. Since then, trying to make time to read has been a struggle.

I tried reading in bed before going to sleep. But I’m so tired that my eyes can barely follow one sentence across the page. By the time I get to the bottom, I’d have dozed off. Now I read in spurts. As soon as a pocket of 15 minutes becomes available, I dive into a book. It’s been a while since I did any sort of sustained 2-hour reading sessions – oh, how I miss them.

Sometimes, I take much longer to finish a book. Work and looking after the children and  take over, and I completely forget that I have a half-read book. So I’ve taken to keeping a notebook, noting the start and end date of reading a book. It’s working well so far and helps me keep track of my reading.

To further help with reading consistently, I’m going to set myself a new challenge. Read one book a month, then blog about it.

On your mark, get set, go!



2 thoughts on “Do You Still Have Time To Read?

    • I’d love to read rillyroos’s posting. What’s the address of her blog?
      The only thing I seem to finish is newspapers. I’m currently making more of an effort with books. With online articles, I end up bookmarking loads then forget to read them. Until days later… Thank goodness for Instapaper!

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