Fiction Fridays #1: Wolves in the Walls

This post should have gone up on Friday, so I’m cheating and posting it very belatedly. I My kids love this book so much that I cannot bear waiting a whole week to put it up.

I am taking up Mummy Cool’s invitation to join @homedad’s Fiction Friday.

My book of the week is The Wolves In The Walls by Neil Gaiman. The story is so compelling – my son, who was then 5 years old, demanded it for a bedtime story for about 2 months. I also gave it to a friend’s son who was turning 5 and apparently he was so hooked on it he would play the CD at bedtime. The CD would accompany the family for long car trips too.

PS: Very sorry, @homedad. I only read your guidelines AFTER finishing my post. I’ll follow the guidelines next week. I have terrible photography skills though… My scanning skills are quite good though. Would that do?


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