My maternity wear on a shoe-string

I don’t want to spend a fortune on a maternity wardrobe. It’s only nine months of wear and out it goes. In my last two pregnancies, I carried on wearing my maternity clothes even after the babies were born. My God, stretchy jeans are a dream, and my maternity ones were the comfiest I’ve ever owned.

The last six months, pregnant with baby number 3, I’ve been borrowing from my husband’s closet – he doesn’t know nor has he noticed. Men, eh?! But even his trousers would not fit my growing girth anymore. Plus, my old maternity clothes are MIA, lost in transition somewhere during our last house move.

So what’s a (very pregnant) girl to do?

I’m a deliberate shopper and buy for keeps. And, surprisingly for a woman, I don’t enjoy shopping much. (I love reading about trends; I just don’t follow them. With fashion, my enjoyment comes from appreciating the work that’s gone into the making of a piece of clothing, not in its acquisition.)

For my pregnancy wear, I’m breaking my usual shopping rules. It’s not about quality or social consciousness. It must look good, be practical and be comfy. A cheap price point is top priority, for a very tight budget has been imposed. We’re in a recession, innit.

So I’ve narrowed it down to a three necessary items: a pair of jeans, lots of leggings and a pair of trousers.

First up, leggings. From, a pair of maternity full length soft touch leggings for £12. I’ll probably buy several pairs of this. And no jeggings for me, thanks. It’s either jeans OR leggings.

Now, jeans. It’s got to be black and skinny: Topshop’s MOTO maternity jeans for £38.

Finally, a pair of trousers. I’m totally in love with this pair from Topshop, currently on sale at £20.

After this ‘shopping spree’, I’ll still have some cash leftover – my budget’s £100 – which means I still have room for a blouse or two. And cake from Konditor & Cook.


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