Back In (Maternity) Fashion

After I wrote about my maternity wardrobe on a shoestring, I came across Amy Fleming’s post about maternity work wear in the Guardian.

I don’t work in an office which simplifies the work wear dilemma. Phew. Although, I do have a lot of meetings to go to.

With an uncompromising bump in the middle, bigger breasts, swollen feet and ankles, and generally two stone heavier overall, my general rule is to keep my shape as lean as possible. God knows I don’t need any more extra padding. Think Celine, think clean lines. Make sure tops have enough length to cover the bump – the crop top look is not on.

With two pregnancies under my belt, I know not to spend too much money on a wardrobe that’s only going to last me six to nine months. So I steal as much as much as I can from my husband’s wardrobe and some of my normal clothes see me through to full term.

While not a big Angelina Jolie fan, she does appear to have the maternity look all worked out. Yes, yes. You are thinking, ‘with a face and body like that, she’d still look good in a bin bag’. But think about it, how wrong can you go with black? It goes with anything and everything. And a pair of black stretchy skinny jeans is definitely money well spent.

Here’s Jolie doing smart casual and relaxed.

I haven’t bothered with her red carpet looks. Because, c’mon, how many of us pregnant ladies have film premieres and galas to attend during our nine months.


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