Maternity shoes

On a roll with the subject of maternity what-to-wear, I’m moving on to shoes. Normally, high heels is my footwear of choice. I love them to bits and am the proud owner of a collection of several – which one day I hope to share with you on this blog once I’ve worked out how to take decent photographs. Until then, I am resorting to product shots. Out of my hoard, a pair of black Acne wedges is my most beloved. (Probably a good idea to use a stock photo in this case as mine is completely battered from multiple wears)

Just look at them, aren’t they just bootiful? *dabs away tear from eye*

Unfortunately heels are not compatible with a 6-month bump, so it’s out with the 4-inches and in with hardy, reliable designs.

For my last pregnancy, a pair of heeled brogues saw me through. The heels had enough height, but not so much that I couldn’t walk briskly. Centre of gravity maintained, I’m in no danger of toppling over.

This time round, with two children to look after, a magazine to launch, and freelance writing on the go, only flats will do. Especially if I want to get to meetings on time and without endangering the unborn baby. So far a pair of patent Russell & Bromley loafers has stood by me. But my swollen feet is in dreadful agony and dying to bust out of the slim fit.

So I turn to something hardier. Looking back at my teen years for inspiration, Doc Martens comes to mind, but I think best to leave those chunky boots as a relic of my youth, eh.

I can take heart in the variety of styles out there that can suitably satisfy my Doc Martens craving and I’ve found several serious contenders. On the feminine side of tough-looking, they look like they can withstand a lot of pavement pounding.


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