There’s a bird at the bottom of the garden

Instead of making Stressy Mummy’s salted dough this afternoon, I decided to brave the grey skies and head for the local garden. Never mind that it was drizzling and wet, my two children skipped all the way. (Salt dough has been postponed to tomorrow afternoon instead.)

Our local garden is the wonderful Dalston Eastern Curve Garden. The lovely Marie has typically planned a week of fun for the kids this half-term. Today’s workshop was themed Fantastic Feasts for Birds.

The kids made cupcakes for the birds, made up of bird seeds, oats, currants and stale bread crumbs mixed in melted lard. The pliable mixture of cooled lard was scooped into paper doilies – or any grease-proofed paper will do. A short piece of twine strung through the cupcake and then left to dry. Before hanging up the cupcakes on the trees, the doilies were removed. The nutritious cupcake feed was important for birds over the winter season, we were told.

The Garden has lots of kids-tastic fun throughout the week. All you need to do is round up the kids and pop in.

Tuesday 14 February 2-4pm: Fabulous Fabrics
Learn how to design and print funky textiles with textile designers Emamoke Ukeleghe and Yemi Awosile, which will be used for dressing up the Eastern Curve scarecrows in Friday’s Scarecrow Catwalk workshop.

Wednesday 15 February 2-4pm: Magpie Mobiles
Gather natural treasures from around the garden to hang from twig and wire mobiles, led by artist Nicola Plant.

Thursday 16 February 2-4pm: Giant City Bird Feeders
Design skyscraper feeders with recycled packaging with artist Nicola Plant.

Friday 17 February 2-4pm: Dalston Scarecrow Catwalk
Using printed fabrics from Tuesday’s workshop, sew them on to T-shirts, skirts and trousers for the scarecrows.


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