Diary of a magazine startup: ep. 1

It’s all kicking off. My alarm, set for 3.30am, hasn’t even gone off and I’m already wide awake. I wish I could switch off and head back to la-la land for another hour or so, but my mind is already latched on to work. I have a magazine to launch in September, its sister blog as soon as possible and a website to finalise.

With half-term holidays, I’ve resorted to waking at 4am to get things done. There is so much to do that I don’t even know where to start. My usual go-to solution, writing a list (or lists), isn’t working.

How to get myself out of this muddle? I’ve decided to start a diary. Yes, right here on my blog.

Working for yourself can be an isolating experience. But through The Daily Mum (and twitter) I’ve met so many wonderful and supportive women that I feel I can share my great adventure here.

So what is this magazine I go on about? It’s a women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine to be published biannually on the iPad, with extra content sent directly to subscribers between issues. There’s just one international edition – no British edition, American edition, Indian edition, Chinese edition etc.

These days, everyone and anyone who’s interested in fashion is only a click away from finding out about the latest trends. Is there any point in regional editions anymore? (Apart from the advertising revenue.) Women are also much more clued up these days, and don’t need magazines to prescribe them outfits. They might want ideas, but certainly not dictated to.

Looking back at why I fell in love with magazines in the first place – Smash Hits at 10, teeny boppy American magazines at 12 then i-D and The Face at 16 – the images and words were designed with such incredible energy that it always gave me such a high. Inspiration and aspiration, what a deadly cocktail.

And I hope to create a magazine that will have this same heady effect on readers. I want to celebrate women, for who they are, what they do and how they do it. I want the magazine to be a document of women’s style and life from all over the world.

Just how am I going to do it? Well, that’s exactly what I’m losing sleep over right this minute.


3 thoughts on “Diary of a magazine startup: ep. 1

  1. I’ve been up since 5ish, cos the bub’s coughing woke me and I can’t sleep. I feel like *&%p, so kudos to you on choosing to get up in the early hours. I can’ wait to see the first edition of your mag!

    • Desperately wanted/needed to sleep for a bit longer. But alas…
      Hope your little one’s ok with that cough. I can’t bear it when they’re ill. 😦
      Re mag, ARGH!

  2. Ooh I thought it was a printed mag you were planning!? I’m off to email you, would be great to discuss magazines with someone who’s brain is overtaken with it as much as mine. (I did the opposite to you last night and stayed up until 2am)

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