Do we need to entertain our kids all the time?

Half-term’s finally over. Whew. The last week has been tough. It was my first time juggling having the kids at home with working from home. If not for the Younger’s nursery staying open, it would have been utter torture.

I had my first taste of what was to come last Sunday, when I took the kids to the South Bank Centre. The Imagine Children’s Festival was on and there were tons of activities. The one we wanted was the David Shrigley’s workshop at 12.30pm. We got there about an hour early and stumbled on an arts and crafts activity.

When it was time for David Shrigley, a long queue had already formed. Younger, being 2, of course would have none of it. Older was grumbling. It was nearly lunch time and the kids turn into monsters when low sugar levels hit.

Two lessons I learned that Sunday.

1) Never ever sign up for an activity starting around lunchtime. If I do, then always feed the kids first.

2) Majority of London’s kids is also on half-term. Expect anywhere with any kind of kids’ activity to be crowded. Especially when it’s free.

Then I wondered, why did I have to fill my children’s schedule with activities every single day? Why did they have to be ‘entertained’? My holidays as a child meant freedom. Free of adults, free to do whatever I wanted. I still can recall the excitement at the beginning of every holiday.

A new tact was necessary. Apart from Monday and Wednesday, where we had already made plans, I was going to leave my 7 year old, just to be. TV and computer were banned. He had to learn creative independent play.

There was Lego involved, drawing, some reading and several tantrums.

I survived the week. So did my son. In fact, I think be broadly enjoyed it. Because on the first day back to school, he said, “I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay home.”


2 thoughts on “Do we need to entertain our kids all the time?

  1. That is so true! We have days now where the boys have to amuse themselves with things other than electronic games and it is scary how much they struggle at first! I have often said, like you that when I was a kid I happily played imaginary games with friends or on my own and sadly computer games are takin our kids imaginations away!

    • I can see disbelief in my son’s face when I tell how we played as kids in the olden days. Am determined to make the kids play on their own and make up their own games!

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