Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve been tagged by More Than A Mum for her Mother Day’s meme, so here goes.

Describe Motherhood in three words.

Tiring, relentless and challenging.

Does your experience differ from your Mother’s – how?

Very different. She was a SAHM while I work. Our parenting styles and attitudes are very different.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?

Doing/saying the right thing.

What’s the best thing?

When you see their big smiles, losing themselves in whatever it is they’re doing.

How has it changed you?

I’ve become less of a workaholic. It’s also made me much more focused. Surprisingly, I’ve also become much better with money.

What do you hope for your children?

That they grow up to be happy, well-rounded adults. And that they will always have the courage to follow their dreams.

What do you fear for them?

Their safety. Emotionally and physically.

What makes it all worthwhile?

Seeing them make sense of the world: the wonderment, connecting the dots and enjoying themselves.

I tag: Pret-a-Mummy, mother.wife.me, Aging Matron, The Perfect Bad Mummy and Bibsey Mama.

7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

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