Fiction Fridays #18: Rupert the Bear

This is a belated Fiction Friday post. I completely lost track of time and forgot it was the end of the week. So I missed out on the Friday posting.

This one’s not quite a storybook, but one that has been repeatedly requested for bedtime. I picked up this copy of Rupert the Bear annual (published in 1974) at a charity shop. Again, it reminded me of the one I had as a child. The illustration is beautiful; they look more like paintings in fact.

You can choose from two different ways to tell the story. Either through the dialogue under each picture or the text at the bottom of the page. My then 4-year-old loved the dialogue. And would spend ages looking at each page, examining all the little details in the pictures.

I think the Rupert stories have been republished and you can get them as collectible linen bound hardbacks. Call me nostalgic, but it still can’t beat the original editions.

And this is how the story begins.

Rupert is on holiday, and when he exchanges spades there is no hint of the happenings ahead.
He soon discovers why the iron spade seems to have a strange force,
and so starts an exciting adventure among King Neptune’s folk.


2 thoughts on “Fiction Fridays #18: Rupert the Bear

  1. OMG that really took me back! I loved Rupert the Bear as a child, absolutely adored him! I had a Rupert that I took everywhere with me! The illustrations are lovely and just shows that you can’t beat the classics

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