Truth is not in the surface

Following my post on Loud Apparel, HPMcQ tiped me off about Zombie Boy Rick Genest’s very clever advertisement for a makeup company. Intrigued, I went in search for said ad.

And this is what I found – shot for Dermablend Professional.


Don’t be shy. Wear it loud

Yesterday, I dropped in on my friend, Serena, before the school run – our sons are classmates and got to know each other at the school gates. We chatted about tattoos, Rick Owens and brothel creepers until it was time to pick up the boys.

Serena is a childrenswear designer, and her designs are for kids aged 4 to 12. Manufactured in Italy (where she’s originally from), her line – called Loud Apparel – is different to what you’d normally get. Expect edgy style in colours of black, white and grey; cute flowery dresses have no place here.

Drawing inspiration from the grownup fashion of Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garcons and Margiela, Serena’s spring/summer 2012 collection features a leather & jeans jacket for boys and a leather dress for girls. Before you get scared off by the fashion edge, let it be said there are also shirts with prints and jersey dresses.

By the time we were ready to go, we had also discovered that we had a shared affection for Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy, the Canadian model/muse for the house of Thierry Mugler.

And on that tattoo-ey note, I wish you all a good weekend.

Got My Eye On: Simon Lekias

Every Saturday I’m going to do a visual post. No particular reason why. Just because I fancy it.

This one’s by an Australian fashion photographer, Simon Lekias.

Got My Eye On: Emma Hartvig

I thought I’d use a photograph instead of words for today’s post. Sometimes my brain prefers going into visual mode.

So here’s a photo that best expresses the Saturday morning feeling I have, taken by London-based photographer Emma Hartvig.

And together with this tune and a cup of hot coffee, it’s a blissful morning.

Keep your hat and gloves on

How much snow is there on the ground this morning? I reckon there’s about 10cm of snow. Enough for the children to build an army of snowmen.

It’s too cold outdoors and too cold indoors. All week I’ve resorted to keeping my woolly hat and gloves even inside the house. This is the sort of cold necessitating more warmth than the radiators can generate.

So the hat and gloves are staying on. No matter how much of a twit I look.

Oversized beanies work best. And gloves must be of the fingerless variety – the fingers still need tweet and hands to sort out the laundry. Although after discovering hand warmers, I think a pair of those holds greater promise of cosiness than gloves.

Go away spring/summer clothes

I’m not ready for you yet.

The latest copy of Elle magazine arrived in the post today. It’s a doorstopper of a March issue, featuring pages and pages of the Spring/Summer season. As I leaf through the magazine, of women cavorting in pretty dresses and shorts, here I am on my sofa, wrapped in an oversized knitted cardigan, sitting next to a radiator, sipping my cup of steaming hot tea.

Ah, such is the fashion cycle. Spring/summer clothes when we are in the depths of winter and autumn/winter in sweltering summer. Alright, I might have exaggerated the kind of summers we get – lukewarm perhaps a better description.

With London temperatures dropping to 1 degree this week, my thoughts will be nowhere near summer wear. Give me jumpers, scarves and woolly hats. And for a woman in my ‘condition’, only the roomiest and cosiest cardigan will do.

Hello, winter sales!

Maternity shoes

On a roll with the subject of maternity what-to-wear, I’m moving on to shoes. Normally, high heels is my footwear of choice. I love them to bits and am the proud owner of a collection of several – which one day I hope to share with you on this blog once I’ve worked out how to take decent photographs. Until then, I am resorting to product shots. Out of my hoard, a pair of black Acne wedges is my most beloved. (Probably a good idea to use a stock photo in this case as mine is completely battered from multiple wears)

Just look at them, aren’t they just bootiful? *dabs away tear from eye*

Unfortunately heels are not compatible with a 6-month bump, so it’s out with the 4-inches and in with hardy, reliable designs.

For my last pregnancy, a pair of heeled brogues saw me through. The heels had enough height, but not so much that I couldn’t walk briskly. Centre of gravity maintained, I’m in no danger of toppling over.

This time round, with two children to look after, a magazine to launch, and freelance writing on the go, only flats will do. Especially if I want to get to meetings on time and without endangering the unborn baby. So far a pair of patent Russell & Bromley loafers has stood by me. But my swollen feet is in dreadful agony and dying to bust out of the slim fit.

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