Maternity shoes

On a roll with the subject of maternity what-to-wear, I’m moving on to shoes. Normally, high heels is my footwear of choice. I love them to bits and am the proud owner of a collection of several – which one day I hope to share with you on this blog once I’ve worked out how to take decent photographs. Until then, I am resorting to product shots. Out of my hoard, a pair of black Acne wedges is my most beloved. (Probably a good idea to use a stock photo in this case as mine is completely battered from multiple wears)

Just look at them, aren’t they just bootiful? *dabs away tear from eye*

Unfortunately heels are not compatible with a 6-month bump, so it’s out with the 4-inches and in with hardy, reliable designs.

For my last pregnancy, a pair of heeled brogues saw me through. The heels had enough height, but not so much that I couldn’t walk briskly. Centre of gravity maintained, I’m in no danger of toppling over.

This time round, with two children to look after, a magazine to launch, and freelance writing on the go, only flats will do. Especially if I want to get to meetings on time and without endangering the unborn baby. So far a pair of patent Russell & Bromley loafers has stood by me. But my swollen feet is in dreadful agony and dying to bust out of the slim fit.

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Back In (Maternity) Fashion

After I wrote about my maternity wardrobe on a shoestring, I came across Amy Fleming’s post about maternity work wear in the Guardian.

I don’t work in an office which simplifies the work wear dilemma. Phew. Although, I do have a lot of meetings to go to.

With an uncompromising bump in the middle, bigger breasts, swollen feet and ankles, and generally two stone heavier overall, my general rule is to keep my shape as lean as possible. God knows I don’t need any more extra padding. Think Celine, think clean lines. Make sure tops have enough length to cover the bump – the crop top look is not on.

With two pregnancies under my belt, I know not to spend too much money on a wardrobe that’s only going to last me six to nine months. So I steal as much as much as I can from my husband’s wardrobe and some of my normal clothes see me through to full term.

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My maternity wear on a shoe-string

I don’t want to spend a fortune on a maternity wardrobe. It’s only nine months of wear and out it goes. In my last two pregnancies, I carried on wearing my maternity clothes even after the babies were born. My God, stretchy jeans are a dream, and my maternity ones were the comfiest I’ve ever owned.

The last six months, pregnant with baby number 3, I’ve been borrowing from my husband’s closet – he doesn’t know nor has he noticed. Men, eh?! But even his trousers would not fit my growing girth anymore. Plus, my old maternity clothes are MIA, lost in transition somewhere during our last house move.

So what’s a (very pregnant) girl to do?

I’m a deliberate shopper and buy for keeps. And, surprisingly for a woman, I don’t enjoy shopping much. (I love reading about trends; I just don’t follow them. With fashion, my enjoyment comes from appreciating the work that’s gone into the making of a piece of clothing, not in its acquisition.)

For my pregnancy wear, I’m breaking my usual shopping rules. It’s not about quality or social consciousness. It must look good, be practical and be comfy. A cheap price point is top priority, for a very tight budget has been imposed. We’re in a recession, innit.

So I’ve narrowed it down to a three necessary items: a pair of jeans, lots of leggings and a pair of trousers.

First up, leggings. From, a pair of maternity full length soft touch leggings for £12. I’ll probably buy several pairs of this. And no jeggings for me, thanks. It’s either jeans OR leggings.

Now, jeans. It’s got to be black and skinny: Topshop’s MOTO maternity jeans for £38.

Finally, a pair of trousers. I’m totally in love with this pair from Topshop, currently on sale at £20.

After this ‘shopping spree’, I’ll still have some cash leftover – my budget’s £100 – which means I still have room for a blouse or two. And cake from Konditor & Cook.