A magical nail varnish

I’m way overdue with this post. It was meant to go up on Friday but half-term mayhem got the better of me instead.

Last Thursday, I went to a G-Star women’s event. The Covent Garden store hosted treats like a make-up makeover, manicure and hairstyling.

The only thing I bothered with – apart from the champagne of course – was the manicure. It was done by Butter. Originally from Seattle, the brand is expanding into London. A standalone store is in the pipeline so I’m told.

So what’s so fabulous about Butter? It is non-toxic and fast drying. Just how fast drying, you ask? By the time you’re painting your 10th nail, your 1st one is completely dried. Applying one base coat, two coats of colour and one top coat took all of 15 minutes. Normally, using my do-it-at-home nail varnishing would take about one hour.  Will Butter change my love? Yes! No longer will I have to wave my hands around like a raving banshee in an effort to dry my nails quicker.

I went for a Pillar Box Red, which had a trace of orange undertone. It wasn’t my first choice of red, but it was the only one the team had brought along.

I’m going to order some colour online (it’s about £12 per bottle) and I’m going for Saucy Jack which has a blueish undertone. Much better for my skin colour, methinks.

For those of you manicure-loving pressed for time ladies, I highly recommend you try Butter.

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post. I am genuinely bowled over.