A poem: by my son

My son wrote a poem, which I thought was a brilliant effort from a 7-year-old. He did it at school, the result of an onomatopoeia exercise. I beamed with pride when he first recited it to me. When we returned home with our brand new iPad yesterday, I got him to type out the poem on it.

A stranger called This Morning  dressed all in black and grey ,
Put every sound into a bag and carried them away.

Woof went the dog,
Oink went the pig,
Moo went the cow,
Squelch went the mud.

Choo choo went the train as I go to work,
Tick went the computer,
Crunch went the apple as I start to eat it,
Chat went the people and they all say “Beat it!”

A stranger called This Morning,
He didn’t leave his name,
Left us only silence,
Life will never be the same.