Taking a break

This weekend I took a break from social media. You could call it a twitter and blogging detox. Since becoming self-employed, twitter’s been my social playground. I’ve had so many fun conversations and even made friends through it.

But, and here’s the big but. I was starting to develop the early signs of an addict. The same symptoms when I don’t have my morning coffee within 30 minutes of waking. I recognise the same impatient twitching and pointless hyperactivity. In the case of my social media -holism, it’s checking blog stats far too regularly, scouring my twitter timeline for chit-chat, and checking my email inbox every 30 minutes.

It’s distracting, disrupting and, finally, destructive. My work was suffering, and I felt that I wasn’t doing any one thing particularly well. So this weekend, I forced myself to detox. The detox was actually part of a bigger picture – I was feeling ground down, unable to focus and running on empty.

If you feel a little like that, then I suggest you watch this talk by Tony Schwartz.

Reminder to self: It’s not a marathon. Always give yourself time to renew and replenish.