The Perfect Pencil

Still on the subject of stationery.

I need the perfect partner for my 2012 diary. A pencil. Why a pencil and not a pen, you ask? It’s easier – and tidier – to erase when appointments move around.

Imagine. My very own pencil. Not one emblazoned with Shaun the Sheep borrowed from my children’s art box.

First up is a Midori Bullet Pencil.What a beauty.

Or a beautifully handcrafted pencil by Alexander Hulme.

Or a Muji Pencil. The cost effective option.

At this point, I will leave you with a short clip on how pencils are made at the Staedtler factory. There’s a sweet treat towards the last minute of the clip, where it shows how pencils used to be handcrafted in the olden days.