Autumn Coats We Can All Have

After I last blogged about my Autumn coat and other coveted coats, I realised that it was really a wish list. I need to come back to planet Earth. My freelance salary isn’t going to get me very far. Money is limited and I have to watch how I spend it. So here I go, on the hunt for great looking coats at accessible prices.

At Cos, a curved shoulder coat is going for €175. The bracelet sleeves are lovely and the cocoa colour makes a nice change from the normal black.

Over at Topshop, two coats caught my eye. A navy wool car coat and a drop arm boyfriend coat. Check out the enormous pockets on the latter!

Then there’s the ever reliable Uniqlo. A +J wool military coat. Slightly pricey, but I’d say it’s worth it if you’re looking for something smart.